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We LOVE our holidays here and celebrating in style in Naperville! This year has been difficult for everyone, and certain seasonal events around town are sure to adapt, or be cancelled all together with summer behind us and the virus still here. Now more than ever, we are committed to help make your day a bit brighter. Hearts a little lighter! And festive "LIGHTS" that can be enjoyed from the sanctuary of your own car is a great way to do that! We expect to be busier than ever this year. And to answer that call!  If you follow us on Facebook you already know that we have taken our holiday Lights Map up a level. As we wait for Christmas, please enjoy our NAPERVILLE HALLOWEEN MAP! Scary fun! Enjoy.


Love, The Believe House

The Map !

Hello Naperville

Does your neighbor decorate their home like crazy for the holiday?  Do YOU? We want to know! 

Send us your suggestion today! 

Thank You!!

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