Christmas Naperville!


Every year in late November, twinkling lights fill trees, store windows and illuminate private homes all over Naperville! And with the lights..... it is said that Santa sprinkles a little bit of magic all over town! You can feel it in the air! Christmas is coming!  There are SO MANY fun things to do, see, eat, experience and enjoy during the Christmas Season in and around Naperville, Illinois. We are glad you are here! We have all of the BEST SCOOP wrapped up and ready for you to help make the season, spectacular. Interactive calendar of events!

The Christmas Blog! And, THE MAP! Enjoy. 


Love, The Believe House

Some Fun !

Little Lit Tree on Prairie Path

December 9, 2019

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The Map !


THE MAP! The NAPERVILLE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS MAP for 2019 is here! Ever wonder where the best and brightest holiday lights are in and around Naperville? Our Map includes dozens of beautifully decorated and festive homes! The MAP is LIVE right now, and it is interactive, with photos! So ready the hot chocolate, jump into your car and ENJOY from The Believe House at 630 Vicksburg Court! And a BIG special thanks to all of the amazing home owners in Naperville that decorate so festively.  MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
Love, The Nilles & Knoth Family

Hello Naperville

Does your group, church or school have an event that you would like to include on our Christmas Calendar or Blog?

Does your neighbor decorate their home like Clark Griswold?  Do YOU? We want to know! 

Send us your suggestion today! 

Thank You!!

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