Naperville Christmas Lights Map!

The MAP! THE MAP! The NAPERVILLE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS MAP for 2020 is PUBLISHED and is available live on our website right now at YAY! Ever wonder where the best and brightest holiday lights are in and around Naperville? Follow the Gingerbread Men to dozens of beautifully decorated and festive homes! Better this year then ever! GORGEOUS! This year has been difficult for everyone, and now more than ever, these home owners are committed to help make your day a bit brighter. Hearts a little lighter! And festive "LIGHTS" that can be enjoyed from the sanctuary of your own car is a great way to do that. Thank you to everyone who sent suggestions and for the suggestions still coming in. Follow us for updates. We know you've been waiting to get out there and have some fun so please, ENJOY!

Merry Christmas from The Nilles & Knoth Family - a.k.a. The Believe House XO

Lights Viewing Tips:

Do: Plan Your Route in Advance

Do: Look out your window, and if it is raining or drizzling...plan for a different night.

(Even the most water tight displays do not like the rain)

Do: Feel free to go in your pajamas! It's fun!

Do: Drive with care through neighborhoods. Please watch for pedestrians.

Do: Plan to get out of the car if you want to to take a closer peek. Yay!

Do: Wear a face mask if exiting your car and practice social distancing, even outside.

Do: Be courteous of neighbors on the block and their property please.

Do: Watch for FM frequency signs, some displays include an audio broadcast.

Don't worry if it's snowing .....lights like snow!

Don't walk into the display or on the lawn.

(There are HAZARDS like cords and invisible wires, ouch!)

Don't Litter.

Don't go on the neighbors property.

Don't drive like a maniac.

Don't park with headlights shining in anyone's window.

Don't forget you camera.... and FLASH, a or high power FLASHLIGHT to use with your phone.

(If you want to be in the picture as more then a dark silhouette, you'll need to be illuminated by a very strong light)


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