A Marvelous Christmas Village on Buttonwood Circle

Sharing 35 years of love! Driving on Buttonwood Circle, we find a decorated home with a pathway of lights leading to a window, an invitation to visitors to step up and peek inside. Here you will find a charming miniature scene, filling near the entire room! WOW! Gleefully clicking away with my camera I meet Marty, home owner and one of the gang of three that puts together this marvelous display. Marty is proud of the handiwork but takes little credit. He explains that his primary role in the monumental annual effort is to bring the boxes up from the basement. Then, he proceeds to brag profusely on his wife Stacy, and daughter Kelli, who spend days every year transforming their living room into an enchanted Christmas Village. It's a time honored mother-daughter tradition at 845 Buttonwood Circle! And Marty's buttons were bursting right off his chest. When I asked him how long it took to build such a massive collection, he smiled and replied "35 years of marriage". Wink wink. Now the writer cannot be certain, but I suspect that a wrapped box may appear every now and then, topped with a bow, and with Stacy's name on it.... from her loving husband. A gift of love that has grown through the years, and shared with all to help spread Christmas cheer! Thank you Wiora family!

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