Get Ready! Elf on the Shelf Makeover!

Does your Elf on the Shelf do crazy things while you are sleeping? Do you ever catch him or her in an interesting pose the next morning? WELL… let me tell you about something new! Apparently, some elves have been getting an upgrade at the North Pole this year! They are coming back stronger, with bendable arms and legs and even with feet! And some smell like a cookie, too! So, get ready for some extra fun this year! In case this happens to your elf, our sources told us in detail what has been going on up North in Santa’s Toy Shop while the elves are on their cookie breaks. Here’s the sweet scoop!


  • Your Elf

  • 12 Gauge Craft Wire

  • Red Thread

  • White Thread

  • Vanilla or Gingerbread Scented Soy Beads

  • Sticky Back Velcro

  • Little Re-Closable or Comparable Bag (Art Supplies)

  • Seam Ripper

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Wire Cutter

  • Needle for Thread

  • Scissors

Our friends use a seam ripper to gently break thru thread and open the stitches at each of the elves toes and tips of arms. The opening only need be as wide as the wire. Sometimes the hole is to big, but that is OK. Our friends know how to sew!

Next they roll out the craft wire, measure and cut a piece LONGER then the length of your elf's limbs. It has to be longer, because both ends of that wire are going to be folded over with the needle nose plier. One side will be a bigger loop to make your elf some feet. The other end of the wire is a short fold to make sure that it is a soft edge that won’t poke thru your elf later! Our friends make sure to make the wire for both legs at the same time before inserting into your elf. He / she wants to have the same size feet! And your elf doesn’t want huge feet, so the WIDTH of the loop is important too, because this will be the width of your elf’s foot. So, our friends grab their needle nose pliers again and squish that loop into the size they want. Squish squish squish!

Once our friends have both wires for the legs prepared, the carefully insert them up each leg as high as they can go, feeling around for the path of least resistance so to speak (in the middle somewhere). There should be a little room in the fabric left over at the toe.

The craft wire acts as a structure for your elf’s legs making him / her stronger and bendable so when he / she freezes in the morning you may see some new poses! Once the wire is inserted, Our friends use their red thread to sew the toe closed. They make sure to fold the fabric in on itself so the seam does not show.

Now, they BEND! Our friends carefully feel for the end of the loop that created the “foot and bend it into place. Repeat with the other leg. Whala! FEET!

Next, your elf gets strong and bendable arms so they can waive! Our friends follow the same procedure as for the legs, except this time the loops on the ends are a bit smaller, and they use white thread to sew up the opening.

Elves love to hug and hand from things! So to help their grip, our friends attach white sticky back velcro to each hand. The velcro is cut with a sitters to be the right size and shape to fit on your elf’s palm. Our friends tried to sew on this velcro at first but it proved very difficult. So now, our elf Jingle gets a mini-makeover to have his velcro replaced as needed when he flies back to the North Pole at night. Lucky Elf!

The most fashionable makeover at the North Pole this year is the “Cookie Butt” upgrade!


A small re-closable or comparable bag (that might typically be used to hold small parts for say jewelry making) is filled with vanilla (or gingerbread) scented soy beads. Soy beads are usually used for making candles, but our friends at the north pole have found a clever alternative use for them! Optional tape can be used to double secure the bag closed. Like when upgrading the legs and arms, a seam ripper is used to gently open the elf’s pants; yes, at the tushie…. The bag goes in and our friends sew everything up with red thread. Now your elf has a more stable bottom end to support him / her while sitting (think of a bean bag), and smells nice too! Like a cookie! Cookie tushie!

Your elf is happy! They are now stronger, bendable, and are ready to amaze you and your family with all sorts of crazy antics! Last but not least, our elf Jingle left Megan a note when he came back after having his makeover. It read something like this:

Elf Make-Over!

My friends at Santa’s Toy Factory gave me an upgrade!

Look Megan, I can waive now! Ahh… that feels good!

And I have nice feet! Do you like them?

And guess what, I have cookie tushie! It’s all the rage at the N.P. this year.

Go on, smell it. It’s OK. Smell near my tushie!

Love, Jingle

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