Where to Go Ice Skating Outdoors

Winter fun is all around! Break out your skates and enjoy 5, count them FIVE.... FREE, public ice skate opportunities in town courtesy of the Naperville Park District. At various parks around the city, the park district creates seasonal ice rinks, but you'll need r own skates. Some of the rinks are lighted, others are not. Skating season starts on December 15th, and weather conditions must be cold enough for ice of course. "A minimum of 72 hours of constant temperatures of 15° or below is necessary before the ice-making process may begin." The Park District offers a "hotline" number to check on skating status at 630-883-4242; and the serious skater can also opt to receive text and email updates. From the Park District web site:

The following ice rinks are lighted and open until 10:00 p.m.

- Centennial Park, 500 W. Jackson Avenue

- Commissioners Park, 3704 111th Street

- Nike Sports Complex, 288 W. Diehl

The following ice rinks are not lighted and close at dusk

- Meadow Glens, 1303 Muirhead Avenue

- Gartner Park, 524 W. Gartner Road

- Rotary Hill, 440 Aurora Ave.

For more please visit: http://www.napervilleparks.org/facilitieslist/wintersportsfacilities

Frozemont in Rosemont

@ MB Financial Park

5501 Park Place Rosemont, IL 60018

For those looking to go for the gusto skate and are willing to make the drive, we say go checkout "Frozemont" in Rosemont! This is more of a destination event, where you can rent ice skates, and enjoy snow tubing on their two story polar peak! Rosemont also has a special hotline number to check on ice conditions, and it's a good idea to phone them before heading out at 847-430-4338. Unlike our local options, be prepared to take out your wallet in Rosemont.

For more please visit: http://www.rosemont.com/mbfinancialpark/frozemont/

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