Where (and how) to Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree!

Since the Ziegler Christmas Tree Farm in Elgin closed in 2015, those who love the tradition of cutting down their own Christmas Tree may wonder, where to go? Here are some ideas! Always contact the farm ahead of time to double check inventory before you drive out. It is also a good idea to confirm in advance if tree shaking, baling, bagging or netting is offered so you know what to expect. Please scroll down for a video on how to pick and cut the perfect tree from Craftsman. Richardson Farm 9407 Richardson Rd Spring Grove, IL 60081 On weekends enjoy free wagon rides out to trees. Freshly made donuts and hot chocolate. You can borrow a saw here at Richardson Farm in Spring Grove. http://www

Look For The Giving Tree

This time of year more then ever, how wonderful it is to open our hearts and help someone in need have a wonderful Christmas. And what if that person was a child, and the simple act of making sure that child has gift under their tree at Christmas can help change a life? Some years ago, I was shopping at Casey's grocery and noticed a Christmas tree with cards hanging off of it. I thought, what's this? Welcome "The Giving Trees" by Little Friends! The "giving trees" can be found this time of year in various Naperville locations and establishments. From these trees you can select a card to fill the gift request of a child with autism and/or other developmental disabilities in our area. It's

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